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Research & Media Consulting Services

Research is serviced by professional expert team dedicated to provide research services, media and research consulting & training on various subjects with its offices in Pretoria South Africa and its network of experts based across Africa.

Social Research

ARMS is methodological and research expert organisation based in Pretoria, South Africa. Our staff specializes in research methods and is dedicated to understanding a particular impact of policy, legislation and behaviour practices of communities and organisations.

Client context

Identification of changing behaviors of communities, citizen-consumers, and determining the trends and their implications.

Assessing and benchmarking satisfaction with services, and measuring improvement.

Measuring the impact and outcome of programmes, projects and policies

Research with ARMS

We design, develop and carry out customized research for clients in the CSO/NGO, International Cooperating Partners, Private Sector, Government and Public sector to help them make better, evidence-based decisions on the services, products and business/organisation plan.

Evidence-based insights

Working closely with our clients, we ensure we fully understand the existing context and evidence base relevant to any project, then build on this through quantitative and qualitative methods to deliver fresh insights. We have run a large number of sophisticated on-line surveys, and we can deliver interviews and focus groups both face-to-face and through videoconferencing technology

Knowledge and Networking

Research takes place in a complex ecosystem where change comes slowly and relies on consensus. We won’t try to shortcut this process, or pretend these challenges don’t exist. But we’ll usually have a good idea of what to look at, who to speak to, and what approach is needed to deliver meaningful results.


Political Consulting

Comprehensive Campaign
Crisis Management
Polls Research
Political Litigation
Voter Contacts
Media consulting


Political Consulting

Message Development
Candidate Development& Coaching
Political Image Consulting


Strategic Communication
Media relations
Institutional strategic Communications
Policy Mentoring & Training
Media training & Logistics
Cyber intelligence
Endline Evaluation
Impact Evaluation Services